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Available for Open Shows ~ Limit Shows ~ Breed Club Shows ~ General Championship Shows ~ Club DOTY & POTY ~ Special Breed Club Events ~ Championship Show Dinners ~ Presentations and Seminars. We will present a tailored package to meet every individual request.

Sponsorship for our live stream is available. To date we thank sponsors The Natural Dog Hub and Royal Canin

We are ShowdogMedia:- Providers of live streaming/filming and photography at dog shows.



2013. We would be found ringside taking photographs under the name ‘ShowdogPhotography’.

April 2016, Facebook introduced the feature ‘livestream’.

‘ShowdogMedia’ saw this as a natural progression.

October 2016 first live stream, the double show for the Shih Tzu Club of Scotland

2018. Contact from Blackpool Committee to cover live stream of groups and BIS at their show in June

An historical move by Blackpool and for the UK.

Blackpool Championship Dog Show are the first to carry out a live stream of Groups and BIS at a UK General Championship Dog Show

ShowdogMedia was born.

2018 ShowdogMedia Live coverage Groups & BIS

Blackpool Championship Dog Show



Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show


British Utility Breeds Association Championship Show


2019 ShowdogMedia Live coverage Groups & BIS

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show


Blackpool Championship Dog Show


Windsor Championship Dog Show


Leeds Championship Dog Show


Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show https://www.facebook.com/Showdogmedia/videos/691215854727093/

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show


Darlington Championship Dog Show https://www.facebook.com/Showdogmedia/videos/464396580825368/

Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Dog Show


Working and Pastoral Breeds Association Scotland https://www.facebook.com/Showdogmedia/videos/1786533191646295/

Gundog Breed Association Scotland https://www.facebook.com/Showdogmedia/videos/991358781211628/

2019 ShowdogMedia Special Events

WKC joint secretary Graham Hill extends an invitation to stream

The Charity Event. ‘An evening with choirs Welsh Male Voice Choir & The Rock Choir ‘


Darlington social evening featuring Mick Oxley and his ukele https://www.facebook.com/Showdogmedia/videos/2725428977578808/

August 2019, An invitation to cover the ‘The Pawscars’ organised by the ‘ Peek A Boo Trust’ charity. The brain child of Gavin Robertson (Soletrader)

2020 Showdogmedia Live coverage Groups & BIS

Manchester Championship Dog Show https://www.facebook.com/Showdogmedia/videos/165329108118887/

2020 ShowdogMedia Special Event

‘Pawscars’ nominations

‘Pawscars’ Awards ceremony. https://youtu.be/aMU2beiBylA

A popular and prestigious event in the dog show calendar



Dog shows returned, as did we, bringing with us new upgraded equipment, for better live stream.

2021 ShowdogMedia Live coverage Groups & BIS

Southern Counties Championship Show.


Leeds Championship Dog Show


Bath Canine Society Championship Dog Show


Paignton and District Fanciers Association Championship Dog Show (Media Partner status August 2021)


Bournemouth Championship Dog Show


Blackpool Championship Dog Show


Richmond Championship Dog Show


Darlington Championship Dog Show

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Dog Show

Border Union Championship Dog Show

Having taken into consideration those who could not attend shows, we could now deliver coverage to the comfort of their own home with the ability to watch not only on phones iPad and other devices but also their television. This has proved a successful addition for many

We at ShowdogMedia aim, to promote pedigree dogs, along with helping and encouraging others to learn about different breeds.

Judges, Exhibitors, Dog Clubs, Secretaries, Officers and Committee, along with all interested in our sport have the option to view or replay our streams 24/7

Our videos can offer help to aspiring judges and handlers, to study movement, pick up on handling skills or to enjoy at your leisure.

Feedback informs: - Young puppies at home listen to the stream, in turn, this can help those youngsters familiarise with dog show noise. Although we appreciate surroundings are important